The Radical: 王

king    王

Explanation The three spheres (heaven, earth and mankind) unite in the person of the king.

Used in these Kanji:
JLPT 3Joyo 1
king, prince
The three spheres (heaven, earth and mankind) and person
The three spheres are combined in the one person of the king.
JLPT 3Joyo 1
ball, jewel
tama, GYOKU
King (The three sphares [heaven, earth, mankind] combinded in theperson of the king.), jewel
The king has a jewel.
JLPT 4Joyo 2
reason, rational, justice
Left: king , right: village (Both fields and earth belong to a village.)
When the king comes to the village, it has a rational reason.
JLPT 3Joyo 3
ball, sphere
tama, KYŪ
Left: king (The three sphares [heaven, earth, mankind] combinded in theperson of the king.), right: to request, ask for ([I'm dying of thirst:] Just one drop of water , this is my: request)
The king asks for his ball.
JLPT 4Joyo 3
master, head, owner
nushi, omo, SHU
Top: accentuation as emphasis, below: king (The three sphares [heaven, earth, mankind] combinded in theperson of the king.)
I emphasize: the king is the master and head.
JLPT 3Joyo 3
all, whole, complete
mattaku, ZEN
Top: roof , below: king
Under the roof the king owns all and completely.
JLPT 3Joyo 4
wish, hope, desire, gaze
nozomu, BŌ, MŌ
Top: death (coffin in cross section) and body /, below: king
The dead body of the king goes with our wishes.
JLPT 1Joyo 5
to leave, to be gone, past, formerly,journey
Left: to go , right: master (I emphasize the king is the master.)
Here goes the master: Now he has left.
JLPT 2Joyo 5
present, appearance, exist, presence, revelation
arawareru, GEN
Left: king , right: see (= The eye is on legs when looking around)
The king sees the present appearence.
JLPT 2Joyo 5
approximately, extent, degree, limit
hodo, TEI
Left: rice plant , right: present, to present (The mouth of the king gives presents.)
Rice plants for the mouth of the king is the approximate extent.
JLPT 1Joyo 6
emperor, Tenno
Top: white (The shine of the sun makes it white.), below: king Here: consider as an emphasis with a sun
This particular sun is over the king: It's the emperor.
JLPT 1Joyo 6
sacred, saint, holy
hijiri, SEI
Top: ear , mouth ; bottom: king
Ear and mouth of the king are sacred.
JLPT 1Joyo 6
squad, group
Left and right: king , center: knife
When kings attack with knifes, then using their squads.
JLPT 2Joyo 6
treasure, preciousness, valuable, wealth
Top: roof , bottom: jewel/ball (king , jewel )
Below a roof are the jewels: the treasure.
JLPT 2Joyo 7
ring, circular, environment
wa, KAN
Left: king , right: eye , var. of sorrow (= clothes with big hole causes sorrow.)
The king's eyes have (tears of) sorrow when seeing the environment = [かんきょう].
JLPT 1Joyo 7
insane, lunatic, mad
kuruu, KYŌ
Left: wild animal (Dog on its hind legs), right: king
A wild animal that behaves like a king is insane.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
Koto (harp)
koto, KIN
Top: tuning pegs (= for tensioning the strings of the harp), bottom: now (body of the harp)
The strings are now on the koto.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
jewel, gem, pearl
Left: king , right: vermilion (A branch of a young tree has sth. red )
The king has vermilion/red jewels (i.e. rubys)
JLPT 1Joyo 7
wet, profit, enrich, moisten
uruou/su, JUN
Left: water , right: gate & king
(A drinking water pipe to his palace?) If the water is at the gate, the king can get wet, and thereby: profit.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
plug, cork, stopper, tap, bung
Left: tree , right: all (Under the roof the king owns all.)
(Think of the cork oak) These trees will all be plugs.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
indication, sign, summon, symptom
shirushi, CHŌ
From left: go , mountain , king , strike, hit
Go on the mountain to the king who will strike you: to give an indication.
JLPT 2Joyo 7
strange, unusual, rare
mezurashii, CHIN
Left: king , right: skin rash 㐱 (person with eczema ) [cf. 疹 = しん = measles]
A king with skin rash looks strange.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
offer, present, display, exhibit
Top: mouth , bottom: king
The mouth of the king offers presents.
JLPT -Joyo 7
beautiful, flourishing, vigorous
Left: sun/day , right: king
A day like a king: beautiful and flourishing.
JLPT -Joyo 7
to amuse, play, trifle with
Left: king , right: origin, source (Two legs have the same origin.)
The king looked originally for amusement.
JLPT -Joyo 7
stain, spot, speckle, blemish
From left: king , text/letter (A folding table for writing your text.), king
(Here everything must be free of any flaw:) If a king (writes) a letter to a king, it counts every: stain or blemish.
JLPT -Joyo 7
lapis lazuli (gem), glassy
Left: king , right: cover , pot ( (lit. disaster/bad luck: marked container), var. of scorpion (hind legs , sting )
The king has a pot with scorpions looking like glassy lapis lazuli.
JLPT -Joyo 7
lapis lazuli, blue sky
Left: king , right: detain, keep off (The bent person with the sword wants you from the field to be detained.)
The king detains you from the blue sky.
JLPT -Joyo 7
to tamper with, play with, fumble, juggle
Top: king (here: four sticks: ,), bottom: two hands (= twice this hand 屮 with the fingers towards the top; simplified & combined)
With four sticks in the hands he is juggling or playing around.

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