The Radical: 工

build    工

Explanation Cross sectionial view of a H-steel beam for building or making.

Used in these Kanji:
JLPT 5Joyo 1
sky, open, air, empty
sora, kara, akeru,
Top: hole, cavity (It is covered and a narrowing path leads into the cave.), bottom: to build/work
When a hole is built in (i.e. into the ceiling), the free sky opens.
JLPT 5Joyo 1
hidari, SA
Left: Hand ナ/ヨ (Shows a hand with the forearm at the right and three fingers to the left.), right: build, work (image of a carpenter's square)
The hand that assists, (=supports with the carpenter's square) is the left.
JLPT 4Joyo 2
work, construction

Cross sectionial view of a H-steel beam as a symbol for construction.
JLPT 3Joyo 3
ceremony, function, style
Outside: sabre , below: craftsman
A craftsman makes a sabre for the ceremony.
JLPT 3Joyo 4
merit, achievement, service
Left: craftsman , right: strength/effort (hand/arm with biceps )
A craftsman with strength achieves merits.
JLPT 3Joyo 4
difference, distinction, discrepancy
sasu, SA
Top: sheep with a bent leg , below: craftsman, construction
A sheep with a bent leg and a craftsman: what a difference!
JLPT 4Joyo 4
test, try, experiment, attempt
kokoromiru, tamesu, SHI
Left: word (sound waves out of a mouth ), right: ceremony (The craftsman makes a sabre for ceremony.)
The words for the ceremony need to be tested.
JLPT 2Joyo 5
construct, build, fabricate
kizuku, CHIKU
From top: bamboo , craftsman , common/normal (A table /几 with a scratch is common.), tree
Bamboo, craftsmen and commonly also trees are needed for construction.
JLPT 2Joyo 6
red, crimson
kurenai, beni, KŌ, KU
Left: thread , right: craftsman
(On construction sites there are red tapes to cordon off hazardous areas.) The thread of the craftsman is crimson-red.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
Asia-, sub-, inferior
Superposition of: to work/build and center
Where you work together with the center (= China = land of the middle) is: Asia.
JLPT 2Joyo 7
fear, awe, horror
osoreru/roshii, KYŌ
Top: craftsman , common/general (A table 几/ with a scratch is common.), bottom: heart
(Out of fear of claims for damages?) Craftsmen are generally, deep in their hearts, very fearful.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
skill, dexterous, adroit
Left: craftsman , right: seaweed
The craftsman works with the seaweed skillfully.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
river mouth, inlet, bay, Yangtse
Left: water , right: craftsman
At the waters you can build best: at the river's mouth, as during Edo ( ).
JLPT 1Joyo 7
attack, assault
Left: craftsman , right: to strike (a hand holds a stick )
A craftsman strikes (with a stick in the hand), when he wants to attack.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
tribute, supply, finance
mitsugu, KŌ, KU
Top: craftsman , below: money (A cone-shell with two feelers/antennas as shell-money)
Either with work or money you have to pay your tribute.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
refrain, withdraw, wait, restrain, make note
Left: hand , right: sky (When a hole is built in, it opens: the sky.)
The hand that wants to build a hole (= to demolish), should be refrained and noted.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
clause, paragraph, item, nape
Left: craftsman , right: head/forehead
The craftsman plans with his head sectionwise. (thus in: paragraphs)
JLPT 1Joyo 7
assist, help
Left: person , right: left (The hand that assists, (= supports with the carpenter's square ) is the left.)
(Normally persons are right-handed and the left hand is supporting.) Persons have the left (hand) for assisting.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
craftsman, carpenter, artisan, master
Outside: box (or variant of: to work/build ), inside: axe
In the box is the axe of the craftsman.
JLPT -Joyo 7
to wipe off, to rub
fuku, nuguu, SHOKU
Left: hand , right: ceremony/function (craftsman makes sabre for ceremony)
By hand for the ceremony, all is wiped clean.
JLPT -Joyo 7
Left: insect , right: craftsman, build
Insects actually build the rainbow?

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