The Radical: 家

house, specialist    家


Used in these Kanji:
JLPT 4Joyo 2
house, specialist
ie, ya, KA, KE
Top: roof , bottom: pig (cf. )
Under a roof (together) with the pigs: Our house.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
marry, bride
yome, totsugu, KA
Left: woman , right: house (= below a roof together with the pigs / )
The woman (coming) into the house is the bride.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
earnings, make money
kasegu, KA
Left: rice plant , right: house (below a roof together with the pigs / )
Rice plants at my house make my earnings.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
tumulus, mound, hillock
tsuka, CHŌ
Left: earth , right: cover , pig (cf. corpse )
Earth covers the pig and forms its tumulus.

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