The Radical: 勹

wrap    勹


Used in these Kanji:
JLPT 3Joyo 3
office, situation, bureau, department
Top: buttocks in side view , below: phrase/clause (sth. wrapped out the mouth )
When the 'butt' is talking phrases, it is like in the office.
JLPT 3Joyo 4
pack, wrap, envelop
Top: wrap , bottom: self (Following the winding path I find myself.)
The "wrapping" itself makes it to be a wrapped package.
JLPT 2Joyo 5
average, level, balance
hitoshii, KIN
Left: earth , right: ladle with a bit more in it
The earth in the ladle is average.
JLPT 1Joyo 5
phrase, clause, rhythmic section in poem, paragraph
Outside: wrap up/cover , inside: mouth
She covered her mouth at such a phrase. Or: Sth. wrapped out the mouth .
JLPT 2Joyo 6
chest, breast, bosom, heart
mune, muna, KYŌ
Left: body part /, right: 匈 (wrap and bad luck/disaster [The marked container brings bad luck])
The body's part that wraps a "void volume" is: the chest.
JLPT 2Joyo 6
respect, honor, esteem
uyamau, KEI
Left: any, at all 苟 (plant , sentence, phrase [= sth. wrapped out the mouth ]), right: strike/hit (hand with stick )
A plant speaking a sentence can strike with respect.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
lagoon, beach, inlet
kata, SEKI
Left: water , right: mortar , which looks like the inlet to a bay, wrap and four legs (cf. bird , horse
Behind the water is the bay, wherein protected (= wrapped) four legs (= animals) are: in the lagoon.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
From top: plant , wrap , rice
The plant that is first wrapped and then blossoms like the kanji for rice is: the chrysanthemum.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
arrest, seize, catch, adhere to
Left: hand , right: sentence (sth. wrapped out the mouth ), Here: a gripping ="wrapping" hand and another wrist in cross-section )
The hand "enwraps" a wrist at the arrest.
JLPT 1Joyo 8
unit of measure
Approx. 18 ml
Image of a ladle with sth. in it .
JLPT 1Joyo 7
a 10 day period, decade
Wrap sth. , sun
When the sun is wrapped (by clouds), then often for the duration of 10 days.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
dutiful death, martyrdom
Left: bare bone (rib or vertebrae), right: period of 10 days (wrapped sun = cloudy for 10 days)
Up to the bare bones he fought for ten more days, until his dutiful death.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
impure, muddy/cloudy liquid, uncleanness
nigoru/su, DAKU
Left: water , right: eye , wrap , insect
If in the water the visibility is poor, such that insects appear as wrapped up it is impure/muddy. (But it clears up, because the (clean) water rises )
JLPT 1Joyo 7
pottery, porcelain, ceramic

Left: hill , right: wrapping a can (lid and can opener of that can )
Take it from the hill (as clay), and make a "wrapping" such as a can: It is pottery.
JLPT 2Joyo 7
embrace, hug, cuddle
daku, idaku, kakaeru,
Left: hand , right: to wrap (The wrap itself makes it to be wrapped.)
Your hands wrapped me when embracing me.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
foam, bubble, froth
Left: water , right: to wrap (The wrap itself makes it to be wrapped.)
When water is wrapping: it is foam.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
placenta, womb

Left: body part /, right: wrap (The wrap itself makes it to be wrapped.)
The bodypart for "wrapping" in the placenta.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
cannon, slingshot, gun barrel

Left: stone (Below the cliff are stones ), right: wrap (The wrap itself makes it to be wrapped.)
Stones are 'wrapped' in a slingshot (catapult), which is like a cannon.
JLPT 1Joyo 7
sated, having eaten enought, satiate, tired of, bored
Left: food (cover on good food), right: to wrap (The wrap itself makes it to be wrapped.)
If the food is 'enwrapped' (= in my stomach), I am full/sated.
JLPT 1Joyo 8
Monme, weight unit 3,75g
A ladle with a mark
The ladle with the mark weighs one Monme.
JLPT -Joyo 7
bent, slope, capture

Enwrap and nose - Compare with: fishing [つり], where a metal fishhook with a lure is shown
The nose looks "wrapped" when it is bent. OR: A fishhook with a bent lure for: capture.
JLPT -Joyo 7
smell, odor, scent
Top: wrap (here: seen as coat or jacket), below: sitting person
Inside the jacket of a sitting person it may develop a certain smell.

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