Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 障



hinder, hurt, block




Left: hill , right: medal, chapter (Stand up early and you'll get a medal.) [early = When the rising sun is at the marked spot at the horizon it is still early]


On the hill you will get a medal for your hindrance.


hill(The radical kozato shows a hill. and is always on the left side of a kanji. (Please note that rather similar radical oozato is always on the right sight of the kanji and means village.))
badge, medal
to stand
early, fast
Tip: Go to the radicals that are contained in this character and learn all the characters with this radical systematically!


故障 こしょう break-down, failure, accident, out of order
気障 きざ affectation, conceit, snobbery
保障 ほしょう guarantee, security, assurance, pledge, warranty
障る さわる to hinder/to interfere with/to affect/to do one harm/to be harmful to
障子 しょうじ paper sliding door
障害 しょうがい obstacle, damage, impediment (fault)

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