Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 階



floor, story/storey, grade




Left: a hill , right: every (I compare [= two sitting persons ], but the rays of the sun make it white : all & everything!)


(If buildings are built on a steep slope, they have e.g. 1 floor on the hillside and 2 floors on the downhill side) At a hill they all have floors.


hill(The radical kozato shows a hill. and is always on the left side of a kanji. (Please note that rather similar radical oozato is always on the right sight of the kanji and means village.))
all, every(When the sun is very glaringly bright, you can not see anything. Thus you can say: I compare but the rays of the sun make it white : everything and everyone!)
Tip: Go to the radicals that are contained in this character and learn all the characters with this radical systematically!


二階建て にかいだて two storied
かい storey, story, floor, stairs, stage (in chronostratigraphy)
段階 だんかい gradation, grade, stage
階層 かいそう class/level/stratum/hierarchy
階段 かいだん stairs
階級 かいきゅう class/rank/grade

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