Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 送



send, dispatch




Left: movement , right: sth. coming out (e.g. steam) and sky, heaven


Out of heaven, this movement was sent.


movement(The radical shinnyuu stands for movement and thus has the same meaning as the very similar radical ennyou )
way out
heaven, sky
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送る おくる to send/dispatch (a thing or a person)/to spend a period of time
送り仮名 おくりがな Kana added to a Kanji for expressing flexion
送金 そうきん remittance/sending money
見送る みおくる to see off/to farewell/to escort/to let pass/
回送 かいそう forwarding
放送 ほうそう broadcast, broadcasting
見送り みおくり seeing one off/farewell/escort
輸送 ゆそう transport/transportation
送別 そうべつ farewell, send-off

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