Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 足



leg, foot, sufficient


ashi, tariru


Top: kneecap , bottom: to stop (= Footprint of the right foot rotated 90° to the left.)


Between kneecap and foot is the leg, that's sufficient.


foot(It shows at the top a kneecap and at the bottom a foot-print .)
mouth(A small square stands for the mouth, and a big square is an enclosure.)
to stop(At top the picture of a left foot and at bottom a limiting line. "The foot stands at the line and stops.")
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あし foot, pace, gait, leg
足りる たりる to be sufficient/to be enough
短足 たんそく short legs
裸足 はだし barefoot
発足 ほっそく starting, inauguration
満足 まんぞく satisfaction
不足 ふそく insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, dearth
補足 ほそく supplement, complement
物足りない ものたりない unsatisfied, unsatisfactory

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