Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 落



fall, drop, fail, decline




Top: plant , bottom: water , and each, all (With crossed legs on a cushion sits everybody.)


Plants (their leaves) and water(drops) all fall down.


plant, grass(Shows two plants growing through the ground, simple variation of 艸.)
water(The radical sanzui is a short form of water )
every, everybody
crossed legs(This radical is understood as sitting with crossed legs or upturned foot.)
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落第 らくだい fail a test or exam, dropping out of a class
落款 らっかん sign and seal, signature
陥落 かんらく fall, sinking, surrender, capitulation
落着く おちつく to calm down, to settle down, to be steady
お洒落 おしゃれ smartly dressed, someone smartly dressed
落す おとす (v5s) to drop/to lose/to let fall
落ち着き おちつき calm/composure
落ち込む おちこむ to fall into/to feel down (sad)
落下 らっか fall/drop/come down

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