Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 職



job, employment, work




Left: ear , center: sound (Stand up in the day with music [of the clock radio?]), right: halberd


The ear hears the sound of the halberds and knows there is a job to do.


ear(Shows the picture of an ear. )
Sound of halberds(Combination of sound and halberd )
music(Stand up with the sun and listen to the sound.)
halberd, spear, lance(This radical kanohoko stands for halberd and is rather similar to the sabre shikigamae Other radicals with weapons are: )
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求職 きゅうしょく search for a job, seeking employment
しょく employment
職業 しょくぎょう occupation, business
職場 しょくば ones post, place of work, workplace
就職 しゅうしょく finding employment, inauguration
役職 やくしょく managerial position, official position
教職 きょうしょく teaching certificate, the teaching profession
職人 しょくにん worker, mechanic, artisan, craftsman
職務 しょくむ professional duties

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