Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 空



sky, open, air, empty


sora, kara, akeru


Top: hole, cavity (It is covered and a narrowing path leads into the cave.), bottom: to build/work


When a hole is built in (i.e. into the ceiling), the free sky opens.


Opening(Also: hole, cavity, cavern - Covered and a narrowing path leads into the hole / cave.)
build(Cross sectionial view of a H-steel beam for building or making.)
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そら sky
空港 くうこう airport
空手 からて Karate
航空 こうくう aviation, flying
航空便 こうくうびん air mail, air freight
真空 しんくう vacuum, hollow, empty
空く すく to become open, to become empty
空っぽ からっぽ empty, vacant, hollow
空間 くうかん space, room, airspace

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