Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 状



condition, situation, circumstances, letter



Left: bed (cf. 爿 developed from the image of a halved tree), right: dog


A bed for my dog: that's my condition.


bed(Shows a sliced tree trunc. Is used in the trainer as "bed". Compare )
dog(Shows a big person with with outspread arms who holds a small dog .)
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じょう shape, state, letter, correspondence
状況 じょうきょう state of affairs, situation, circumstances
賀状 がじょう New Year´s card
招待状 しょうたいじょう written invitation
白状 はくじょう confession
状態 じょうたい condition, situation, circumstances, state
現状 げんじょう present condition, existing state, status quo
症状 しょうじょう symptoms, condition

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