Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 服



cloth, garment




From left: body /, bent person , hand


The body bends down with the hand for the clothes.


body part, meat(This radical is at the left side of a character and typically drawn as: , which looks equal to: "moon, month " but still has the meaning body-part.)
bending person(This radical is typically described as "seal". However for the mnemonics the meaning "bending person" appears to be better.)
Tip: Go to the radicals that are contained in this character and learn all the characters with this radical systematically!


ふく clothes (esp. Western clothes)
制服 せいふく uniform
不服 ふふく dissatisfaction, disapproval, objection
洋服 ようふく Western-style clothes
衣服 いふく clothes
克服 こくふく subjugation, conquest
和服 わふく Japanese clothes
征服 せいふく conquest, subjugation, overcoming
服装 ふくそう garments

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