Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 救



rescue, save, relieve




Left: ask for ([I'm dying of thirst] Just one drop of water , this is my: request!), right: to beat (= a hand that holds a stick )


Ask for somebody with a stick in the hand to rescue you.


request, ask([I'm dying of thirst] Just one drop of water , this is my: request!)
Stick in a hand(The radical nobun shows a hand or that holds a stick (simplified from the Chinese radical 66 攴 for whip or rap.))
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救う すくう to rescue from/to help out of
救急 きゅうきゅう first-aid, emergency (aid)
救急車 きゅうきゅうしゃ ambulance
救い すくい help, aid, relief
救助 きゅうじょ relief, aid, rescue
救援 きゅうえん relief, rescue, reinforcement
救済 きゅうさい relief, aid, rescue, salvation, help

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