Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 折



break, fracture, opportunity, (to bend)


ori, oru


Left: hand , right: axe


A hand with an axe has the opportunity to break or fracture.


fold, break
hand(Several characters are used for hand: ナ, , , ヨ)
axe(Image of an axe, probably with the handle on the left.)
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折る おる to break, to fold, to pick flower
おり chance, suitable time
骨折 こっせつ bone fracture
折り紙 おりがみ Origami (Japan Art of paper folding)
屈折 くっせつ bending, indentation, refraction
折り返す おりかえす to turn up, to fold back
折れる おれる to break, to be folded, to give in, to turn (a corner)
折衷 せっちゅう compromise, cross, blending, eclecticism
折角 せっかく with trouble, at great pains, long-awaited

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