Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 店



shop, store, booth, kiosk


mise, tana


Top: building 广, below: fortune telling (crack in the shell of a turtle, from which the furtune was told. - Here: a key with the teeth and the handle )


The building that is locked with a key is: a shop.


广 building(Radical: madare - A similar radical stands for cliff.)
fortune telling
fortune telling(This radical bukunoto is also used in the radical .)
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みせ store, shop, establishment
支店 してん branch store (office)
店員 てんいん shop assistant/employee/clerk/salesperson
店賃 たなちん house rent
商店街 しょうてんがい shopping district, downtown
喫茶店 きっさてん coffee lounge
閉店 へいてん close the shop
商店 しょうてん shop, business firm
売店 ばいてん shop, stand

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