Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 層



class, stratum, layer



Top: buttock seen from the side , below: formerly/before (At rain on the field as under the sun , that's how we worked formerly.)


These buttocks were formerly in this (upper) class.


buttocks (in a side view)(The radical shikabane has the meaning: corpse . But because of its use in tail 尾, buttocks 尻 or urine 尿, it is generally considered to mean "buttocks".)
formerly, before(.From top: out of , field , sun . Out of the fields rises the sun as before.)
way out
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一層 いっそう much more, still more, all the more
大層 たいそう very much, exaggerated, very fine
階層 かいそう class/level/stratum/hierarchy
高層 こうそう upper

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