Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 属



species, genus, to belong to




From top: side-view of buttocks , accent , insect with additional long legs


The rear part belongs to an insect with long legs - but which species?


buttocks (in a side view)(The radical shikabane has the meaning: corpse . But because of its use in tail 尾, buttocks 尻 or urine 尿, it is generally considered to mean "buttocks".)
insect(The body and the sting of an insect.)
nose(Is typically understood as a nose in a sideview which is directed to the left.)
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配属 はいぞく assignment
ぞく genus, generic
属する ぞくする to belong to, be affiliated with, be subject to
金属 きんぞく metal
隷属 れいぞく slavery, subordination
所属 しょぞく attached to, belong to
附属 ふぞく attached, affiliated, associated, subordinate, incidental, auxiliary

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