Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 居



residence, inhabit, exist, stay


iru, oru


Top: buttocks in side view , below: old (= originally a skull, but more helpful: the image of a tomb stone)


When the buttocks gets old, he stays at his residence.


buttocks (in a side view)(The radical shikabane has the meaning: corpse . But because of its use in tail 尾, buttocks 尻 or urine 尿, it is generally considered to mean "buttocks".)
old(Picture of a gravestone)
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居酒屋 いざかや japanese style bar
居る いる to be, to have (used for people and animals)
居間 いま living room (western style)
同居 どうきょ living together
住居 じゅうきょ dwelling, house, residence, address
居住 きょじゅう residence
居眠り いねむり dozing, nodding off
皇居 こうきょ Imperial Palace
芝居 しばい play/drama

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