Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 増



increase, gain, rise


masu, fueru/yasu


Left: earth , right: formerly/before (At rain on the field as under the sun , that's how we worked formerly.)


On earth, compared to before, we have increased.


earth(ground, soil)
formerly, before(.From top: out of , field , sun . Out of the fields rises the sun as before.)
way out
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増す ます to increase, to grow
増やす ふやす to increase, to add to, to augment
増える ふえる to increase, to multiply
増加 ぞうか increase, addition
漸増 ぜんぞう gradual increase
増大 ぞうだい enlargement
増強 ぞうきょう augment, reinforce, increase
増減 ぞうげん increase and decrease, fluctuation
増進 ぞうしん promoting, increase, advance

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