Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 固



hard, firm, strong




Outside frame , but here: mouth , inside: old (= tomb stone). [Some things like the meat of old animals or full-grown vegetable become hard with age.]


In the mouth old things taste: hard. (In contrast: The young/immature is in the mouth with a taste )


hard, firm(Outside a frame , which stands as a placeholder for things that become hard with age , such as the meat of old animals or old vegetables/roots. In other words: "things" that are old are also hard.)
enclosure(The radical kunigamae surrounds/encloses further components and thus is different from the simple square that stands for mouth .)
old(Picture of a gravestone)
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堅固 けんご strength, indestructibility
固い かたい stubborn, firm (not viscous or easily moved), certain, solemn
固体 こたい solid, in solid state
固有 こゆう characteristic, peculiar, inherent
固まる かたまる to harden, to solidify, to become firm
固める かためる to harden, to freeze, to fortify
固定 こてい fixation, fixing (e.g. salary, capital)
頑固 がんこ stubbornness, obstinacy

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