Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 商



trade, business, sell




Var. of emperor with long coat and mouth . Better to consider a vendor behind a sales desk with some goods (cf. to sell )


A vendor at the sales desk with goods means: trade.


emperor(Stand up and cover with cloth , the emperor comes. Sometimes it is mixed with "old" to become the old emperor like at rival 敵.)
mouth(A small square stands for the mouth, and a big square is an enclosure.)
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商う あきなう to trade in (commercial goods)
商店街 しょうてんがい shopping district, downtown
商品 しょうひん commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
商い あきない trade, business, dealing
商業 しょうぎょう trade, commerce, business
商人 しょうにん trader, shopkeeper, merchant
商売 しょうばい trade, business, commerce, transaction, occupation
商店 しょうてん shop, business firm
商社 しょうしゃ trading company, firm

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