Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 味



taste, flavor, relish


aji, ajiwau


Left: mouth , right: unripe, not yet (The upper branch of the tree is still shorter = immature.)


In the mouth sth. unripe can be tasted. [In contrast: In the mouth old things taste: hard ]


mouth(A small square stands for the mouth, and a big square is an enclosure.)
immature, unripe(The upper twig of the tree is shorter (=not yet))
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あじ flavor, taste
味わう あじわう to taste, to savor, to relish
加味する かみする seasoning, flavoring
意味 いみ meaning, significance
味噌汁 みそしる Miso Soup
興味 きょうみ interest (in something)
三味線 しゃみせん Shamisen, three-stringed Japanese guitar
正味 しょうみ net (weight)
珍味 ちんみ delicacy, dainties

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