Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 向



opposite side, yonder, turn one's head, situation


muku, mukeru


A house with a window


In this house, the window is on the opposite side, you just have to turn around.


mouth(A small square stands for the mouth, and a big square is an enclosure.)
Tip: Go to the radicals that are contained in this character and learn all the characters with this radical systematically!


向かう むかう to face
向く むく to face
傾向 けいこう tendency, trend, inclination
動向 どうこう trend, tendency, movement
方向 ほうこう direction, course, way
仰向け あおむけ Supine position, lying on the back
向う むかう to face, to go towards
向かい むかい facing, opposite, across the street, other side
向ける むける to turn towards, to point

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