Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 受



receive, get




From top: hand reaching down , cover , hand


A hand from above holds a cover, another hand receives it.


grap downwards(The radical notsu shows a hand which is reaching downwards.)
cover(The radical wakanmuri is seen as a cover, but sometines also considered to be a table. (Other covers are: , ))
hand(Several characters are used for hand: , , , ヨ)
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受付 うけつけ reception (desk), information desk, acceptance
受け持つ うけもつ to take (be in) charge of
引受る ひきうける to undertake, to take up, to be responsible for
受験 じゅけん taking an examination
受身 うけみ passive, passive voice
受話器 じゅわき (telephone) receiver
受持ち うけもち charge (of something), matter in one's charge
受取 うけとり receipt
受け継ぐ うけつぐ to inherit, to succeed, to take over

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