Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 勝



win, beat, surpass


katsu, masaru


Combination of imperial majesty and strength - BETTER: flesh/meat /, = fire with BBQ-grate , power


If you barbeque your meat on a BBQ-grate over a fire you will have power to win.


(royal) we
power force
body part, meat(This radical is at the left side of a character and typically drawn as: , which looks equal to: "moon, month " but still has the meaning body-part.)
way out
border guard
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勝つ かつ to win, to gain victory
勝る まさる to excel, to surpass, to outrival
勝ち かち win, victory
勝者 しょうしゃ winner, victor
優勝 ゆうしょう overall victory, championship
勝利 しょうり victory, triumph, conquest, success, win
勝手 かって kitchen, one's own convenience, one's way, selfishness
勝手に かってに arbitrarily, of it's own accord, involuntarily, wilfully, as one pleases
勝敗 しょうはい victory or defeat, issue (of battle)

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