Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 像



impression, image, figure



Left: person /, right: elephant (A trunk and two big ears give the pig /豚 an elephant's shape)


A person like an elephant makes an impression.


person(This radical is understood as an identical variant of "person" , and shows a person who stands with the legs apart.)
kneeling person((Further radicals with „person“ are: sitting , sitting cross-legged , lying , skilled , bending ,, slumped or husband ))
pig(name of the radical: inoko This radical is also used in this simplified way .)
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想像 そうぞう imagination, guess
画像 がぞう image, picture, portrait
肖像 しょうぞう portrait, picture
仏像 ぶつぞう Buddhist image (statue)
映像 えいぞう reflection, image
塑像 そぞう a clay figure
現像 げんぞう developing (film)

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