Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 備



equipment, prepare, possess




Left: person /, right: plant , cliff 广, use


The person picks up plants from the cliff for use as equipment.


person(This radical is understood as an identical variant of "person" , and shows a person who stands with the legs apart.)
plant, grass(Shows two plants growing through the ground, simple variation of 艸.)
cliff(The Radical gandare stands for cliff. Sometimes it is understood as a shield, like in 盾.)
use(The radical mochiiru shows originally the picture of a fence.)
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備える そなえる to furnish, to provide for, to equip
備わる そなわる to be furnished with, be endowed with, to possess
設備 せつび equipment, installation, device, facilities
守備 しゅび defense
準備 じゅんび preparation, arrangements, provision, reserve
整備士 せいびし mechanic
予備 よび preparation, preliminaries, reserve, spare
備え付ける そなえつける to provide, to furnish, to equip
整備 せいび adjustment, completion, consolidation

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