Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 交



exchange, crossing, mix


majiru, kawasu


Image of a crosslegged sitting person which means to mix. Simplified: at top six , below a cross X


Six crosses mark an exchange or crossing.


traffic, exchange(A picture of a crosslegged sitting person means to mix.)
cover(Other covers are: )
father((For punishing:) A stick in his hand has: the father!)
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交える まじえる to mix, to converse with, to cross (swords)
交じる まじる to be mixed, to be blended with, to mingle with
交す かわす to exchange (messages), to dodge, to parry, to turn aside
交通 こうつう traffic, transportation
交差点 こうさてん Crossing
交代操業 こうたいそうぎょう working in shifts
交通機関 こうつうきかん transportation facilities
交番 こうばん police box
社交 しゃこう social life, social intercourse

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