Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 上



upper side, up


ue, kami, uwa, noboru, agaru


Ground with a growing plant (opposite of )


From the horizontal line, a plant is directed upwards.


one(Simply one stroke for "one".)
fortune telling(This radical bukunoto is also used in the radical .)
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上る あがる to rise
以上 いじょう more than, exceeding, greater than, this is all, over
上げる あげる to give, to raise, to fly (kites), to praise
上がり あがり ascent, rise, slope, freshly-drawn green tea
うえ above, up, over, upon (further inspection etc.)
かみ first volume, superior quality, the upper
上着 うわぎ coat, tunic, jacket, outer garment
上手 じょうず skill, skillful, dexterity
屋上 おくじょう rooftop

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